Cloud Gaming’s 21.7 Million Paying Users Helped the Market Generate $1.5 Billion in 2021; These Yearly Revenues Will Quadruple in 2024

The Cloud Gaming Ecosystem Is Bigger and Healthier than Ever

We’ve been tracking the cloud gaming ecosystem since 2019, and it’s now more robust and healthier than ever. Publishers big and small — and across multiple platforms — are now part of the scene, while others are looking to get involved.

Ongoing Cloud Gaming Trends Are Shaking Up the Ecosystem

Via partnerships with local telcos, cloud gaming services now operate in growth markets across Southeast Asia and Latin America. These maturing games markets will continue to grow alongside cloud gaming, forming bonds that will pay off for cloud gaming’s long-term future.

  • Hardware in the data centers is an important differentiating factor
    Microsoft and NVIDIA upgraded the hardware their cloud gaming services run on. Cloud gaming players do not need to invest in expensive gaming hardware to play the latest titles, but service providers must keep up with evolving hardware (and consumer expectations).
  • Cloud gaming is coming to TVs
    Tencent partnered with several TV manufacturers to add Tencent START on their TVs, NVIDIA partnered with Samsung and LG to bring GeForce NOW to new TV models, and more partnerships are on the way.
  • Small cloud gaming services are taking giant steps
    While smaller firms may not have the same budgets as the large tech companies also investing in the market, their innovative approaches have led to quick successes.
  • The market is — and will continue — consolidating via M&A and investment
    Larger companies will acquire smaller ones to quickly grow their footprint in the cloud ecosystem. The smaller firms benefit from brand recognition and access to more content, while the bigger firms benefit from smaller companies’ innovations and talent.
  • More huge media and entertainment companies will likely get involved
    Netflix has been experimenting with adding games to its subscription. For now, users still have to exit the app — and enter mobile app stores — to access games. Cloud gaming removes that barrier, and media companies looking to add value to their services are taking note.
  • Experiencing high-end and supply-constrained gaming hardware for a fraction of the cost.
  • Playing demo games in a subscription service before downloading them.
  • Minimizing the download sizes of high-fidelity mobile games, saving precious storage space.

Our Interviews with Cloud Gaming Companies Revealed Exciting Insights & Underline Why Cloud Gaming Is So Important

In our new update, we interviewed three companies — CareGame, Boosteroid, and Utomik. One throughline throughout all the interviews was cloud gaming’s biggest use case: accessibility and convenience.

Cloud Gaming Still Has Challenges to Overcome

Naturally, not everything is positive. We asked Utomik, Boosteroid, and CareGame about the biggest cloud gaming challenges they face. Capacity was at the forefront, especially walking the line between technical performance, flexibility, and cost.



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