Games Market Revenues Will Pass $200 Billion for the First Time in 2022 as the U.S. Overtakes China

Game Revenues by Region: The U.S. Is #1 Again

Before zooming in on our 2022 games market forecasts for mobile, PC, and console, we wanted to point out some noteworthy regional developments.

Mobile Game Revenues Will Also Pass an Important Milestone

Yearly mobile game revenues will pass the 100-billion-dollar mark for the first time in 2022, growing +5.1% year-on-year to $103.5 billion.

  • Increasing access to games and (smartphone) devices
  • Improvements to infrastructure and mobile internet
  • More frictionless and accessible payment options.

Console Will Be the Games Market’s Main Growth Driver in 2022

From the emergence of mobile to the dawn of cloud gaming, pundits and analysts have long been predicting ‘’the death of console’’. As things stand, console is still very much alive and kicking — as we have always said.

  • Huge first-party releases like Horizon Forbidden West, Pokémon Legends Arceus, Gran Turismo, God of War Ragnarok, and Xbox’s Starfield and the rest of its to-be-announced H2 line-up.
  • Highly anticipated third-party premium releases like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (perhaps the most-anticipated Call of Duty title in years), Elden Ring, and yearly sports releases.
  • The ongoing console performance and fervor around live-service games like Fortnite, GTA Online, and Call of Duty Warzone.
  • Growing new-gen install bases will lead to increased consumer spending on software (consumers want games to complement their new hardware).
  • Sony’s revamped subscription PlayStation Plus strategy, which features new tiers with game content subscriptions and cloud gaming, replacing the struggling PlayStation Now service.

PC Will Also Show Growth but Less Than Console and Mobile

PC game revenues will grow slightly slower than console but will still show a +1.9% increase to $41.0 billion in 2022.

  • Fewer high-profile first-party releases (titles like Horizon Forbidden West and Pokémon Arceus Legends lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues, which PC cannot capture.
  • No ecosystem-dominating subscriptions like PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass (PC has Game Pass, but it is not tied as heavily to the ecosystem), and Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Less software related to new hardware, but some consumers will buy new software to put their new GPUs and other components to the test — yet not to the same extent as a new console purchase.

What Does the Future Hold for Global Games Market Revenues?

The games market will continue to grow in the following years, reaching $222.6 billion in 2024, a +5.6% CAGR (2020 to 2024):

  • Ongoing live services and hybrid monetization innovation (across core and casual genres)
  • Console- and PC-first companies bringing their franchises to mobile to bolster their growth and revenue streams, including Apex Legends Mobile and Diablo Immortal this year
  • Mobile games getting increasingly complex and immersive, attracting core gamers to the platform and boosting revenues



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