Gaming’s Live-Streaming Audience Will Hit One Billion Next Year & 1.4 Billion by 2025

Twitch Is Currently the West’s Biggest Platform

Boasting almost 20 billion live gaming hours watched, Twitch remains the West’s most popular live-streaming platform for games in 2021, registering a +26% increase year on year.

  • 2021 data for YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming
  • Twitch viewership by broadcast language
  • YouTube viewership by channel countries

Emerging Markets Will Drive Growth for the Games Live-Streaming Market

Speaking of emerging markets, regions like Latin America and the Middle East & Northern Africa will account for the most game live-streaming audience growth.

Consumer Insights: Who Are the Viewers Powering the Game Live-Streaming Market?

Every year, we at Newzoo survey 70,000 consumers across the globe for our Consumer Insights, including more than 30,000 people in the game-related live-streaming audience. The 2021 results revealed valuable insights.

  • Understanding which games are popular in which markets is the first step toward a successful brand activation.
  • A compelling narrative ensures the audience doesn’t see the activation as too corporate or forced.
  • Not having authentic and genuine messaging could potentially anger the audience.
  • The last step in developing a successful activation is choosing the right influencers to partner with.



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