Newzoo’s Esports Consumer Predictions for 2021: A Quarter of the World’s Population Will Be Aware of Esports

Consumer Predictions: What Will the $1.7 Billion Esports Market Look Like in 2021?

Prediction #1: The League of Legends World Championship Final will attract more viewers than the Six Nations Championship.
League of Legends’ viewership is growing quickly. Our Game Streaming Tracker shows that the game generated 34 million esports hours watched in July 2018 alone and more young people are tuning in. Esports’ current growth trajectory, combined with its younger, international audience, suggests that this giant esports event is on track to attract more viewership than one of rugby’s biggest international competitions.

Did the Esports Consumer Predictions We Made Three Years Ago Come True?

Prediction #1: There will be 145 million Esports Enthusiasts by 2017.
Result: True! Our data shows that there were 143 million Esports Enthusiasts in 2017. That’s just two million fewer than what we predicted back in 2015. It’s worth noting, however, that we changed our segmentation since our first report; in our newer reports, we no longer include non-esports viewers who participate in matches. Learn more about our methodology.



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