Newzoo’s Trends to Watch in 2021 (Games, Esports and Mobile)

Games Trends 2021

1. Engagement and Revenues Will Continue to Flourish: Even after the pandemic subsides, which we hope is sooner rather than later, engagement and revenues will continue to stick. In 2021, the games market generate revenues of $189.3 billion.

Esports and Live Streaming Trends 2021

1. Mobile Esports Enter the Upper Echelon: As consumer appetite for mobile esports continues to grow in China, Southeast Asia & Latin America, mobile esports will continue to subvert expectations in the once-PC-dominated market.

Mobile (Gaming) Trends 2021

1. The Removal of IDFA May Change the Face of Mobile Marketing:
Due to the removal, we expect to see a short-term lower spend on user acquisition across iOS. Instead, this spend may flow into Android, web, or other channels.

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